Where do I get a password?

To receive access to this website please contact the Administrative Assistant listed on the Contact Information page on this web site.

When I try to access a certain page, I am returned to the home page?

If you have received a password to this site, your password entitles you to limited information.  More detailed information is available to Teachers, and the School to Career office staff, to aid in the matching of students with employers.

When I print some of the tables, they are cut off on the right side of the page?

Many of the tables contain too much information for printing in standard portrait orientation.  To print these tables in full, you must print in landscape orientation.  Each web browser has different setup menus to print in landscape (for example, in Internet Explorer, under the File menu, select the Page Setup menu, and choose the landscape selection.)  Always view the page in Print Preview to ensure that all the settings are correct.